Childhood Unplugged

San clemente family photographer-5853 San clemente family photographer-5858 San clemente family photographer-5859 San clemente family photographer-5862 San clemente family photographer-5873 San clemente family photographer-5876 San clemente family photographer-5893If I weren’t looking out my window at the current gloom or waking up to an alarm before the sun is even shining, I’d damn near think it was summer. This last heat wave in California making us all complain about it not yet being sweater weather and making school days feel like a total sham. And just when I more or less embrace it, thoughts of a warm Halloween night dancing through my head, the gloom sets in and the chance of rain brings you back around to that whole sweater weather thing. That’s life in SoCal.

So you embrace it and make trips to the beach after school a fun side step; bike rides along the water long after the summer crowds have left. Bare foot and tan, well into fall. Some around these parts complain about the lack of seasons but me? I’m all about the endless summer.

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  • I hear you. In South Florida we have hot and hot as hell. On the rare occasion we have sweater weather I have to admit I love the break from humidity. But you’re right, I love living where I can count on lots of sunshine and warm days.


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