Riding on bikes with boys

Have you ever rode a bike with a toddler? I remember my mom declaring that her back was never the same after teaching us to ride our bikes. We’re not there yet with Hoop; we’re still in the training wheel phase. But, in some ways, it’s equally torturous.
“What’s that, Mama?”
He stops riding and I practically walk in to his back tire cuz I’m riding his ass.
“Sounds like some sirens off in the distance”.
“I want to see”, he says.
“Sounds like they’re gone”, and we re-mount and ride along. I ride his ass because he’s going slow.
“Wook-at-dat, Mama!”
We stop to pick some dandelions. He sniffs them and there is yellow pollen that makes a Hitler-like mustache under his nose.
Re-mount. Ride his tail.
A few yards later, we stop again. This time, we pick up sticks. Then some acorns. I answer ten more questions about the various sounds he hears.
It’s so easy to get stuck in A to B mode. When he asks to go on a bike ride, which he does daily these days, I think about leaving the house, the route we’ll take, and how that route will lead us back to the house. His mind, in it’s beautiful infancy, works much different; it’s all about the space between… The sights, the sounds,

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the things he can collect. Hashtag: things you can learn from a toddler.

Slow down, Mamas, and enjoy the ride. I don’t walk so close behind him anymore.

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8 Responses

  • So exciting!

    Don’t you just love being a mama & the things your kids teach you, like slowing down and enjoying the moment. It’s beautiful.

    Oliver’s birthday is in a couple of weeks and we’re getting him a balance bike, so I’ll be there with ya. My back is already hurting from hunching over walking with Zoe it’ll probably be hurting a lot more after Ollie’s birthday.

    • We did the balance bike too and I think it made for a good transition. Get him a helmet, they start scooting pretty fast on those things once they get the hang of it!

  • This is awesome! I am so looking forward to the day I can teach B to ride a bike-even with training wheels. We should all take advice from Hooper-especially you mama-you need to enjoy the beauty of being mobile with your kiddos again. I’m sure these moments are extra special these days.

    • My mobile time is limited, hence the point A to point B thought process. Ha! But yes, it’s nice to get out and walk around the block. It just goes a little slower than I can handle at this point in recovery, but I remind myself how important it is to be patient and present and let him explore… all that overrides my weaknesses.


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