A Family Session, with The Allen Family

A lot of photographers speak to the lack of photos that they take of their own children, opting often for their iPhones and saving their “real cameras” for shoots only. This has never been me. In fact, I’m finding that I’m growing bored of shooting my own children and am actually yearning and craving and dreaming of shooting other people, places, and families. Walking up to a family’s doorstep is like stepping foot into the office on the first day of the job every time. And I’m addicted to that nervous, anxious rush that it brings. I’m dying to shoot more. If you’re interested in scheduling a shoot or want to work together on a project, email me: ashley {at} thestorkandthebeanstalk {dot} com for more info. I have a special deal going on for those who book now for the month of April. Because I value my time with my family and also because I’m still in the throws of recovery, I’ll only be booking a couple sessions a month. I’d love to hear from you.

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