Hooper & Recovery

I knew I’d be relying on a lot of people post operatively. And none have disappointed. My husband, my parents, my in-laws, my grandma, my sister, and a handful of friends have been making this merry-go-round go round. I’ve been filled with more gratitude than pain, more love than weakness.
I didn’t expect any help, in any way, from either of my boys.
There was an evening, before my surgery, that I explained all that was going on to Hooper. Nervous and anxious, I cried as I told him his Mama was going to have a big owie on her back. To my surprise, he got down off the sofa, kissed my back, and instructed me to see his pediatrician.
Following my return home from rehab, I had several breakdowns. I had no idea how emotional recovery would be. I sat there at the dinner table, nauseous with my stomach in knots, crying over a plate of food I could not eat but knew my bony frame needed to eat. And it was Hooper who was first to climb down from his chair and wrap his arms around his fragile Mama proclaiming, “I make Mama allllllll better”. He was a bit perplexed when his sweet gesture made me cry harder; eyes as big as I’ve ever seen filled with concern, worry, and love for his Mama.
When the physical therapist (aka my mom) comes to the house to do ultrasound on my neck, it’s Hooper who pulls up a chair next to me and insists on watching as his Nina (grandma) makes Mama “allllll better”. And when I wake up in the morning and dangle at the edge of the bed, it’s Hooper who will stop anything he’s doing to help me with my brace. And when he goes for a bike ride or a walk outside, he always returns with a bouquet of dandelions he picked for none other than his Mama.
It warms my heart.
It’s so interesting to watch how your children adapt to new circumstances; how their character grows and expands. His tender touch, his helping spirit, his genuine concern… These past few months I have been so proud to call him my son.
Wishing his kindness would transfer over to his relationship with his brother. That’s a whole other story…

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  • This kinda got me teary-eyed. I’m at work. Thanks for that. He has such a sweet soul, he really does. On many walks, he collects acorns for you too, but I’ve told him you prefer flowers. He loves his mama so much.

  • What a sweet boy you have- You bring me tears of love. I always pray for your smooth and fast recovery. I’m glad that you’re getting all the love, comfort and help. We miss you at work. We’re always sending happy thoughts and wishing you’ll recover soon. Some were hoping that they will see you at Cecilia’s Holiday party. Take the very best care.

    • I intended to go to Cecilia’s, Virginia had texted me about it. But I tore a muscle in my neck and it set me back a lot. I was in horrible pain for two weeks. It just started feeling better. Please send everyone at work my love. xo


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