{That’s Hooper trying to “help” lift Van into his high chair… heart. melt.}
Thanksgiving marked the 3rd day (of what turned out to be 6) in a row that I left the house since my surgery (I’m hoping to f i n a l l y finish a post about my surgery, and another about my recovery, sometime this weekend). I’m paying the price now, I suppose, for allowing myself more freedom than I should have. Screw recovery.
We spent Thanksgiving morning making breakfast, doing facetime with out-of-state family, and riding bikes / giraffes around the block. After breakfast our entire house shook as a helicopter landed at a school at the end of the block. Complete with a fire engine and ambulance, I’m pretty sure it was the highlight of the boys’ day. I won’t discuss any details because it makes my heart hurt too bad. Last I heard, all is well. Or on its way toward well.
Later in the afternoon, we met up with family and ate more food than we should have.
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving as well.

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