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Recovering from my spinal fusion has meant a lot of time spent indoors. The whole notion of getting out, unplugging, and adventuring sounds both dreamy and worlds away. I’ve had to change the way I parent in an effort to adapt to my limitations.
The other day, my sister drove us to the art store and I picked up some fun activities to do with the boys. I’ve also started asking Hooper to help me around the house, which feels a bit child laborish, but truthfully he has really enjoyed. I’m kidding, entirely, about child labor. I think the sooner you get them involved in all that it takes to keep a house running, the better. Chores he has been helping with: emptying the dishwasher, filling Sarah’s bowl with food and water, and sweeping up messes on the floor. He has yet to tell me “no” and seems to enjoy it all more than any grown-up I know.
What kind of chores do you have your kids do around the house? How did you unplug this month?
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6 Responses

  • Children learning and participating in household responsibilities is one of the basic tenants of Montessori education for the very youngest toddlers. Even though Fran isn’t in Montessori school anymore, we continue that philosophy at home! She sets the table, does the dishes, sweeps, dusts the furniture, etc. Of course as well as any three-year-old can, but she loves it. When you start early and it isn’t even thought of as a “chore” it’s a great thing all around. Good work, mama xx

  • I must be into child slave labour, ever task I do Jarvis helps. Hanging up the washing he is there handing me pegs. Feeding the cat, Jarvis gets the food out of the cupboard while I pour clean water into the bowl.


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