This photo is not my favorite, but it’s so reminiscent of life right now: Hooper standing, with his blanket, in his pull ups, surveying his brother’s every move… making sure he’s okay with whatever toy he’s playing with. Toys strewn about. A container of sunscreen on the floor, serving as evidence of the triple digit heat. A sofa cushion leaning up against the window, air drying after Hooper pissed on it (luckily we had an extra one in the garage). Van always on his 4-wheeler. And a lonely shoe, halfway down the hallway, endlessly searching for it’s partner.
What does a snapshot of your life look like today?
Side note: Many congrats to Ash for winning the Little Flourishes giveaway and to Noelle C. for winning the LookNook giveaway!

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4 Responses

  • I love this shot! One day you’ll look back at it and it will bring back a lot of memories. If it were my house, there would be a line of trains down the hall, but the lone shoe and little boy in his underwear would be pretty much the same!

  • A snapshot of my life today? Multiple cups of half-drunk green tea at a keyboard, attempting to caffeinate myself enough to deal with this hectic Monday. Sigh.

  • Yep, a picture is worth a thousand words… I like the look of your world in that moment.
    It’s just heating up here, as we head toward the end of winter and into spring. So there are bed sheets on the line, an outdoor table overflowing with craft bits & pieces and scraps of lunch, from a morning spent outside. I kind a like the outdoor snap shot, because as soon as I step inside I’m surrounded by mess!

    ps – so super excited to have won the little flourishes giveaway! Having child no. 2 arriving in a few wks, and him/her not owning one new thing to his/her name.. a nice new blanket & wrap will be divine!

  • I’m so glad I found your blog. We welcomed our first daughter into the world this past June. I find so many of your reflections and photographs speaking to my heart! Lucy had her first vaccines today, which meant our day looked like a lot of snuggling and nursing. Thank you for sharing with us!


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