A Day for Papa's…

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Wishing all the Papa’s out there a very happy Father’s Day. And, as always, special love going out to my own dad who was also my softball coach as well as the man who ran to the store late at night to buy preparation H to put on my eyes (it apparently reduces the puffiness) after my 16-year-old heart was a puddle on the floor (as a side note, I learned that once while watching a dumb Miss America pageant… it’s probably the only thing I’ve ever learned from watching one of those  shows and that’s because how could you ever forget something like that… I’ve never looked at preparation H the same).
Special love also going out to Willy’s dad. If you engage Willy in a conversation that has any amount of substance to it, he’s bound to tell you something about his dad with pride beaming from his eyes. Papa Niles, you done did good.
And, much love to our two boys. Hooper & Van, I speak for your Papa and I when I say that it is a privilege raising you and watching you learn and grow. We love you.

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