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Wearing: This dress is from ModCloth. I wore it in the beginning of my pregnancy with Van. I paired it with black leggings and some old black suede boots that I’ve had for years. Dresses with pockets are always my favorite. And, as an added bonus, Hooper likes the birds on it and refers to me as “prit-tee” when I wear it. It goes without saying that I want to wear it everyday and if it weren’t for the spit up, I probably would.
Celebrating: My hair is growing back. I’ve bitched and moaned long enough and finally the postpatum hairloss gods have heard my cries. On top of my head are tiny little sprouts of hair yearning to make me look ridiculous in the months to come, like little antennas endlessly searching for a signal.
Recovering: Hooper, Van, and I all have colds. This has resulted in Van not taking solids, which has resulted in more nighttime feedings in addition to cough attacks due to post nasal drip. This, in turn, has resulted in complete and utter exhaustion for me, as well as a decrease in patience. Hooper’s been testing boundaries left and right as of late, so yeah, hoping we can all be healthy again soon.
Dreading: Willy has been working a lot. He took on a new position at the company he works for and it’s meant longer days and weekend business trips. He is out of town right now and, let me tell you, this single parent thing sucks.
Wanting: More energy. I’m not a coffee drinker. I’m thinking I should tell my taste buds to kiss my ass and throw back a few of those espresso shots like they were shots of vodka in my college days.
Listening: Lucero, “She Wakes When She Dreams”. I’m such a sucker for a deep raspy voice. His voice brings tears to my eyes and forces me to listen, and then hit repeat.
Trying: To shake the travel bug. I’ve been daydreaming of far away places and though the possibility feels at least a year or so away, I’m banking on the fact that time has been flying.
Juggling: Diapers vs. underwear. Not for myself; For Hooper. Some days I just don’t have the potty training energy. He is doing really well, however, and I owe ya’ll a round three update. You can read about round one and two, if you wish.
Side note: A friendly reminder that the giveaway to etsy shop Moonbeatle ends tomorrow. You can enter five different ways to win FORTY SMACK-ER-ROOS to Fritha’s lovely store. You can’t win if you don’t enter. 

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  • “like little antennas endlessly searching for a signal” — you’re good with the similes. I love your writing 🙂

    Make me a Lucero CD because I don’t know who that is! I discovered the Lumineers because of you and LOVE them. Not sure how you have time to find new music…you’re pretty amazing.

    Hope you guys get over your cold soon. I think we all got it on Superbowl Sunday. Mine is breaking up…slowly. Love you!

  • Single parenting is so hard (granted I have a husband) but I know what you mean. My hat goes off to all the women out there who are able to manage that. I count down the minutes until my husband gets home!


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