When I started Hooper’s baby book, in the first month of documentation, I made a list. I’m not type A, by the way, but I do love me some lists. The first list I started was “Things I can’t wait for”. The list included things like reading him his favorite book, hearing his voice, giving him food for the first time (turns out, if I could go back in time, I would have taken that off the list. Total flunk. Totally overrated. Feeding him sucks and now I “can’t wait” until he’s responsible for feeding himself. I digress). In making the list, I realized that what I was doing was dangerous. The moment they are in right now gets overlooked if you’re constantly looking toward the future. So my intention was to get a quick “can’t wait” list out of the way so I could get back to soaking up all the spit up that was indeed my reality at the time. And is now my reality once again.
With two boys, the list of “can’t waits” has transformed to include things that involve both of them. Things on the list today include:
-Building forts
-Overhearing their silly conversations
-Going to a baseball game
-Hearing them bicker and then hearing them stop bickering
-Meeting their mutual friends
-Taking them fishing
-Selling something on the side of the road (hopefully not their bodies or souls. I’m talking about lemonade people, or firewood, or painted rocks)
-Should I dare to hope for a performance of some kind? A brotherly puppet show production, per say? Yes, yes, I can’t wait for that too.
Now back to enjoying this very moment.
How ’bout you? What’s on your “can’t wait” list?

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9 Responses

  • Here are some: taking her to the beach, camping, being barefoot together, art projects, making cupcakes… Oh gosh—i’m welling up!

  • Cool! I like the idea of this! I can’t wait to have my brother-in-law (future) move out so my fiance and I can set up home 😉 I can’t wait to get a new kitty cat! I can’t wait to travel more. Lots of things…

  • it’s funny because I read your list, and instead of thinking of a can’t wait list, I can just think of all the things that I love about having 2! their conversations, whether they are doing something good or bad they are doing it together, whether sneeking out of bed after bedtime, our sneeking ice cream out of the freezer. they are hilarious! I guess I have one thing on my can’t wait list…. seeing how they are going to act when their sister is born. I have a dread list…. who’s going to break their first bone – since they think they can fly, who’s going to get bit by an animal first – since they can’t grasp the concept of being nice. boys are pretty awesome though… enjoy it while you can!!

  • -to take her to the zoo for the first time.
    -to paint with her.
    -to bake with her.
    -to snuggle in her bed & read a favourite book together.
    -for her to have LOTS of hair(vain I know, but from the moment they said “it’s a girl” I envisioned pigtails and clips, cute little bobs & fringe trims!)
    -to ride bikes as a family.
    -to give her a sibling.

  • Ah! These are all, also inevitable things… If you want some more “inevitables” add stepping on those damn tiny Legos in the middle of the night, stitches in the emergency room, bugs being held hostage in rooms, unbeknownst to you, fishing trips, and under-the-radar dares. My oldest, Court is eight and my youngest, Anderson is seven. It’s all part of the territory.


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