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ethnic print cardigan from etsy seller dirty birdies vintage // buckle boots from target // vintage ski sweater from etsy seller petal pink vintage // alpine boots
Please ignore my creepy pinky finger in the photo above. I’m telling you, I could do an “outtake” post each week just making fun of my botched poses for these mama style posts. I opted to keep the creepy pinky photo in this week because it beat a lot of others.
Mental note: Mind your pinky. And buy some boots. Rain has started falling.
Done. Added to the to do list. Now onto mommy-type-stuff.
It’s begun, I’ve started making shower wall art. What’s shower wall art, you ask? It’s abstract art I make on the tiled wall, using my strands of rejected hair, during my shower. I’m talking about postpartum hair loss people. It’s begun. And so the script goes: Enter an episode of minor depression. My hairline still appears somewhat intact, so I’m reserving the episode of major depression until later when Willy tells me, “The way you have your hair right now makes you look like you have bald spots”. That’s how it happened the first time around. I’m guessing it’ll be right around Christmas time. Puuuurfect.
Ho hum.
In other news, Hooper’s birthday has come and gone. Oh my goodness, I have a TWO year old. Where does the time go? asks the creepy lady looking under the sofa cushion in disbelief. I posted some video footage from his party on Friday and I have some other photos to share this week. I had quite a few things on my to do list to prepare for the party and got much of it done thanks to the incredible help from my in-laws who were in town for the celebration. It feels really good to have so much checked off the ever-growing mama to do list. Gotta love family!
Check back tomorrow for a rad giveaway from etsy seller Craft Goblin and be sure to check out last Monday’s giveaway from Cuddle Smart that is still open for another six days!! EEeeee!!! It’s all so exciting!

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  • Can we just take a second to note that it took my overwrought, 36weeks preggo brain a solid minute to get your shower hair joke?? I was all into the idea of new art-making, then horrified (bc I know many a person who loves to make real art with REAL hair, and it creeps me out REAL hard), then even more horrified at my ridiculousness. Sigh.

    • You’ve gotta be kidding me… You know a person who makes art with hair? hahahahaha gross. Glad you finally got the joke, preggo brain n’ all 😉


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