Van @ 3 Months

I’m overdue on this… but what else is new. Suck it up Ashley, suck it up.
Growth: You’re in size three diapers. Just for the record, your brother is in size four. He’s almost TWO years older than you. You’re in size 3-6 month clothing, growing faster than my hatred toward Chloe Kardashwhatever as co-host on the X-Factor. 
Appearance: Your right ear sticks out a little more than your left. Not to worry, when your hair grows in no one else will be able to tell. That is, until your hair falls out and all the little old ladies in the nursing home come to know you as the little old man whose right ear sticks out further than his left. You have a funny profile, not to worry, head on you’re cute as a button. Your eyes are turning brown and your hair is coming in thick and brown. Your brother’s hair didn’t turn blond until 7 or months, so time will tell if yours will do the same. Your skin is fair, invest in sunscreen.
Sleeping: We’re still swaddling you at night. Most nights you manage to sneak one or both of your arms out and I awaken to the sound of you sucking your fingers. You rarely cry upon waking. I feed you around 9:30pm and put you down in your crib around 10:15pm. You sleep until 6am, give or take an hour, then feed again and go back to sleep for another few hours. Some days you nap, others you don’t. So long as you sleep through the night, I don’t really care what you do during the day.
Eating: Feeding you has been nothing short of annoying lately. I remember Hooper going through the same stage. I know it’s developmental, but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating. You’ve entered the distracted nursing phase. You know, where everything to the right or left or north or south is more interesting than the nipple your mom keeps trying to shove in your mouth. Any little noise or movement sparks your interest and your little legs never stop kicking. We’ve resorted to using the handheld vaccuum to distract you enough to get you to latch. Even then, however, you fling off the boob and appear to be done after only a few minutes of nursing. When this happens, I pump to avoid getting a clogged duct or compromising my supply. It’s a real pain in the ass to be breastfeeding and pumping, so if you could concentrate a little harder, I sure would appreciate it.
Oh yes, and you spit up. A lot.
I’ve been referring to our mornings as of late as the triple threat mornings. That’s because at 6 am, before the sun has risen, I give you a bottle, then breastfeed, then pump. And it’s exhausting. Your Papa grew too frustrated with the bottle training effort so I took over. I’ve found that you’re more inclined to take the bottle first thing in the morning, before you’re able to recognize the artificial nipple being pushed in your mouth. We call these recreational feedings because I’m only giving you an ounce of pumped milk from the day before and only for the sole purpose of solidifying and reinforcing your bottle drinking skill. So far, so good. You drink it relatively fast and then I stick you on the boob. The triple threat mornings take around 45 minutes and are part of the reason I’ve been so exhausted lately. Fortunately, we only do the bottle a coulpe times a week but rest assured, the breastfeeding and pumping schedule is enough to take a few zzz’s off my life. 
Development: You’ve found your fingers and you love them. You favor the same two fingers on your left hand as your brother, which baffles my mind. You suck those things all day long. You’re able to lift your head when you’re in your car seat to see your feet. You’ll also doing well with sitting in your bumbo. You can lift your head up when laying on your tummy and it seems that you are thinking about rolling, but have yet to take the plunge.
Your right leg never stops kicking and your right arm never stops fist pumping. It’s just yo’ thang. Looks like you’re constantly peddling a bike with your right foot.
You’ve also started smiling and giggling. A lot. You love being in the company of others and seem to fuss anytime you are left alone in a room. All in all, you fuss very little and are quite a peaceful little booger. 

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  • Wow, Van sounds just like my baby. She has the same sleep patterns and has also entered into the distracted nursing phase – I have had to hold my iPhone right next to my breast so she’ll continue to nurse but can look at something cool.

    Your son has the sweetest little face. Congrats on such a darling boy!

  • So cute. His hair is DARK! I’m baffled by the fact that they do the same finger-sucking thing too. You should get a picture of them doing it together 😉

    • Thick and dark. Hoop’s hair was dark too, so I’m curious to see if and when it will change. Getting a pic of them together is a feat in itself… that’s a tall order to request one of them together AND sucking their fingers… but, I like a challenge.

  • I cannot get over they suck the SAME fingers on the SAME hand? How is that possible? That is just amazing… As always, love these updates as if they were about my own child!
    PS he is cute as a button too…. x

    • Same fingers, same hand. True story. Though sometimes Van does use his right hand too. In fact he has two fingers in his mouth right now as I write this.

  • This is such a sweet post! The photos are sooo cute! I have a six month old daughter (and a two year old son) but my daughter has similar patterns as Van, as well. Definitely with the “distracted” nursing bit. So frustrating sometimes, but in kind of a funny way.

    Cute post! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  • Van is the most adorable baby! He seems so happy and curious! We also love his super cute patchwork-style blanket! Another great fun-patterned baby blanket is the Weegoamigo on-the-go blanket with the blue dino herd pattern. The little dinosaur silhouttes are fun and so cute!


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