The Proverbial Wall

It’s a wonder how so much gets done sometimes. The days go by faster than I can check things off my to-do list. Speaking of my to-do list, it’s growing. What they say about laundry is also true to for to-do lists: For the two minutes it’s complete, it feels great. Then off go your underwear and suddenly, there’s more dirty laundry. Lately, I’ve felt like my head has been bobbing just above water. I’m getting just enough air to avoid developing brain damage, but to say I’m sitting poolside enjoying a mimosa is a long shot. Maybe it’s the looming holidays. Maybe it’s the fact that I return to work THIS week. Or maybe it’s just that there is a lot on my to-do list. Whatever it may be, I’m overwhelmed and mentally exhausted. Throw in a three month growth spurt from our usually peaceful lil’ Van and if I had a towel in my hand, I’d be throwing it onto the pile of dirty laundry (someone hand me a towel).
I’m anxious about starting work, I have a two year old’s birthday to plan, loads and loads of photos to edit, a beyond ridiculously dirty house to clean, laundry from two weeks ago waiting to be folded, a suitcase to unpack, and on and on. At least I managed to cross off Hooper’s Halloween costume and a family photo shoot in San Diego over the weekend. More on those to come.
What I’m saying is that I’m tired. I need a break. And I start work tomorrow. Someone throw this mama a bone. I’ve hit the proverbial wall. With that said, there is no mama style today. In it’s place, picture this: an old flannel with spit up on one side and drool on the other, over sized sweats, greasy unwashed hair, and under-eye bags. Want the look? Have a baby 😉
I’ll be back tomorrow with a few photos from our stay in San Diego and some ranting and raving about this awful three month growth.
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9 Responses

  • Good luck with work this week – it seems so soon to be starting?! I guess you have things worked out of course but I feel for you and I only have one in tow with a job I can sort of tackle at night if need be…
    You seem to manage to get lots done to me, I rarely blog as much as you – heck I’ve only just managed to get round to commenting on your last couple of posts and here you are with yet another! High five to you mama you are doing a stirling job, I wish I could pop on over and lend a hand, make a cuppa, pour us a beer but alas that damn Atlantic is in our way.
    Thinking of you this week xoxo

    • Ha, how funny that you think it’s starting soon. I hear wonderful things about maternity leave in other countries like yours, but here in the US most moms are back to work six weeks after their babes are born. My maternity leave is great, compared to others, but shitty compared to other countries. Maybe we should move… 😉

  • Oh Beeznles, I hope you got a little nap yesterday. It was so good to see you guys, though I know it was an exhausting weekend. I’m sure any mom would read your post and nod along. As with all things — it’s just a phase. Right? Right.
    Love you and thinking of you this week. Call me, but only if you have time. No need to put it on a to-do list 😉

  • Can I offer one word of advice?? Cleaning crew (or person) once every two weeks. I can keep it together for about 2 weeks and then my house needs a REAL cleaning an LO, three wonderful ladies show up at my house and clean it within an inch of its life and my day is made! You’re a working mother of two small kids and you can’t tell me that you get a lot of help in the cleaning department. It’s money well spent my friend!

  • honey, even with spit up on your shoulder, you’re still so inspirational to me. i love your attitude. your family is lucky to have you caring for them. you’re a good egg with a strong heart. and if all goes well the good days will outwiegh the bad. until then, have a beer – its good for the milk supply. *wink*


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