Birthday Preparations

1 scooter // 2 teepee (no longer listed, but more coming tomorrow I’m told) // 3 truckers hat // 4 vintage tank // 5 helmet // 6 vintage shorts // 7 Ingela Arrhenius plates // 8 guitar
I’m so undecided about how to celebrate Hooper’s birthday. I’m not sure whether to do a friends party and a family party or just a family party. I had the same debate last year and we opted to have a very small family gathering. There’s not a lot of time to schedule two parties as Thanksgiving is just after his birthday and combining friends with family makes for a bigger celebration than our little home could handle. So the debate continues…
What I’m not debating is what to get him for his birthday. We’re not generally into the filling the toy chest game, but there are a few things he’s shown interest in and a few things I like for him. Above are some things we’re contemplating buying the little guy for his big day. The teepee is at the top of my list… seriously, how cool is that thing?

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