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Dress, from TopShop (no longer available, but they have tons of other cute ones worth checking out. I wore this dress while pregnant too.) // Belt from Modcloth // Sandals, Seychelles // Purse, vintage (check out this one from etsy)
We’re still enjoying summer weather here in California. In fact, I still have tar on my heel from the beach that does not seem to want to come off. Truth is, I kinda like the black spotted reminders of sand and sea stuck on the bottom of my foot. Dear summer, you’re welcome to linger as long as you want.  
I’ve been compiling some birth links for a few weeks now and rather than touch on each one, I thought I’d provide the links for those of you that are interested. I may no longer be pregnant, but I’m still passionate about birth. I believe strongly in a woman’s right and responsibility to be informed and educated and think everyone ought to take a closer look at the current state of childbirth in the US. Here’s the links:
-Consumer Reports published “What to Reject When You’re Expecting”, detailing 10 overused procedures during pregnancy and birth. They also offer 10 things you should consider while pregnant and delivering.
-If you can ignore the narrators creepy voice, this is a great poem/video that draws much needed attention to the fact that birth has become more surgical than ever.
-On labor day, several “Improving Birth” rallies were held all over the nation. You can watch this footage from the one in Arlington here.
Here is a great article on doulas. If you’re not on-board with a home birth and feel more comfortable in the hospital setting, look into hiring a doula. I promise it will change your birthing experience.
Happy Monday! 
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  • Just read that consumer reports article. Thanks for sharing it. I am always shocked how much people don’t know about birth going into their own deliveries. Even people who have had multiple babies. Its sad that people don’t take more of an interest in their own health.

    • I couldn’t agree more. It gets me so fired up. I’d hear things people would say behind my back about my decision to birth my babies at home and their arguements showed nothing other than their complete and utter ignorance. I’m supportive of whatever a woman decides as far as her birth setting is concerned, but it really chaps my ass when woman don’t take interest in their own health and allow the MD to spearhead their birthing experience… because if you look at the stats, it’s clearly having a negative affect on woman and babies. But whatever, that’s my two cents 😉 Thanks for the comment and glad you enjoyed the consumer reports article.

  • Thanks to your constant high-praise of Etsy, I ended up purchasing that cute high-waisted skirt we talked about yesterday. 🙂 Love this post, and, I voted! 😉

    • Oh I LOVE it. I love that they touch on fear directing patient care. I find this so dangerous. My husband was so scared to have our baby at home… I was so scared to have him in the hospital. I will definitely share this video on the blog. Thanks for sharing.


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