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Van straight loungin’, cuz that’s what he does best // Hoop on a play date // A little picnic at the park // Scavenged goods (Van may just be a Sheriff for Halloween) // Van has smiled three times. I have pictures of two of these times // Hooper, the madman, running through the kitchen (I promise a before and after kitchen remodel one of these days… would you believe we’re still waiting on a few things to be finished!?) // Fall may be here, but the beach is still a splendid way to spend the day here in SoCal // Hooper lining up his cars // Feet that have yet to be walked on // How our morning walks look these days (fyi, we use the City Select Baby Jogger and I have no complaints) // A family breakfast date (even Sarah came along) // Someone loves to read Dr. Suess “ghen” and “ghen” // That same someone likes to revisit his old stomping grounds.
Happy Friday!

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4 Responses

  • Are you reading him “Go dog go”?! That is one of the few books I remember from my childhood, and noone else seems to have read it!

  • Then both of yours’ will be able to recite GO DOG GO just like mine (along with “SAM I AM”) We even had a dog party one time (and we don’t even have a dog.) Challenge yourself and move up to FOX IN SOX. My husband and I actually had a competition to see who could read that one out loud fastest with the fewest mistakes. Competitive people will always find competitions.


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