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Not gonna lie… Having another boy makeks it easier to buy new things for Hooper knowing they will be used a second time. Okay, okay, it also makes it okay to splurge on a few new items only for Van. I mean a corduroy dog romper? Get out, who can pass that up??
a. from etsy seller 3RingCircus
b. from etsy seller JessesThreads
c. from etsy seller Lishyloo
d. from etsy seller PeppermintandCocoa (use code STORK25 for 25% off)
e. from etsy seller PeppermintandCocoa (use code STORK25 for 25% off)
f. from etsy seller OliversForest
g. from etsy seller believelovedream
h. from etsy seller Lishyloo
i. from etsy seller StarFriendsOnEarth (no items currently available)
j. from etsy seller Lishyloo
k. from etsy seller StarFriendsOnEarth (no items currently available)

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