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Prior to giving birth, I worried about Hooper not being the center of my universe. I grieved the inevitable loss of time and attention I’d have with him and be able to give him. In Van’s first week of life, I’ve found the fear to be a reality. I’ve heard other mom’s to two say that it was harder for them than it was for the older child; harder to watch your first baby rely on others for things you alone used to be able to provide for them. I relate with this entirely. Hooper is fine, but as I watch him dance around me or walk out the door with his Papa to get ice cream I feel a hint of sadness. Like he’s cheating on me. This morning Willy bragged from his room, “I’m getting the longest unsolicited hug right now”. My heart sunk. I needed that hug.
That’s the downside. The upside is that, under the best of circumstances, parenting is a two person job. It’s bittersweet. Bitter to watch Willy get hugs he used to only reserve for me. Sweet to watch him embrace the man I love, the man who helped make him. I’ve watched their bond grow over the last few days and it makes it hard to complain when in actuality a beautiful thing is unraveling right before my eyes. The more time Willy spends with Hooper, the more his love for his son grows as well. So ya, there’s a lot of love flowing around these parts.
Hooper insists on holding his brother, but then can’t decide between his brother and Gabba Gabba.
Someone would love to poke an eye out.
“Hey Hoops, where’s your brother?”
Brotherly love.

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7 Responses

  • I am very worried about Sadies’s and my reaction to baby #2. She will be almost 3 and 1/2 when baby arrives so much more independent, but she is also already smart enough to say to me ” Moma your all mine,I don’t want a baby” Breaks my heart, but as you have said, Daddy will step in more and will get more love. Ouch!

  • Those photos are adorable. Like melt your heart adorable. The whole two parenting thing is an evolution. And for my son, I think it was all fine and dandy until his sister started crawling and could get his toys. Now the real fun begins…I have become a referee!

  • I’m not sure of this is just what I needed to read or the absolute opposite. I’m 33 weeks and completely full of guilt about the changes that are about to happen to my little boy and me. I have said before that I worry about having to share him, because as mental as it sounds, I do think of him as mine (all mine) and I don’t think I’m any more ready to share him than he will be to share me. In fact he’s so laid back and chilled out, that he probably won’t mind sharing me at all.
    I know that it’s something that I will gradually find my way with. And it sounds like there are definitely some beautiful positives too, I guess it’s just worrying before hand because while I have a strong bond and relationship with my son, I don’t have the same thing with my unborn baby yet so it’s hard to get your head around sacrificing time with your precious first born for some kid you haven’t even met yet.

  • gorgeous photos of your boys, I totally get what you’re saying, with each new small person in our life the older one/s seems to get a whole lot more grown up and independent of you while at the same time wanting your attention more

  • these pics are KILLING ME. i forgot about that citrus striped shirt, every single thing you have bought from me i am so grateful your boys have! does that sound weird? it’s just that they are so amazing 😉


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