Meet Your Parents.

Dear Hooper & Soon-to-be-Van,
Before you guys were born, we had a life. We had friends that considered us “cool” and some of them still do. We did crazy and stupid things. We did things you’ll hear about over and over in the years to come; stories that are ours that will become yours. Stories that will shape the way you think about us as your parents. Stories you will share with your friends despite our plead for you to keep stories “like that” in the family. And then there are other stories you’ll probably never hear because we’ll never share. Stories our own parents may not even know about us. And still there will be other stories we had no intention of sharing  that will inadvertently slip out after a few glasses of wine on a family vacation in a distant and dreamy land like Paris or Singapore. You’ll tease us about these in the years that follow and we’ll regret ever having a relaxing drink in a romantic place.
And so we start this little series here on The Stork & The Beanstalk entitled, “Meet Your Parents”. My apologies to you, Hooper & Van, this is who we are. Enjoy the stories to follow in the coming segments.
The photo above was taken with a disposable point and shoot camera before your Papa and I were married. We were in Arizona, on a bus, preparing to float down the salt river. The trip included both family and friends, beer, and Creedence Clearwater blaring from a stereo we attached to an inner-tube.

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  • Trust me those stories will eventually come out! I can’t wait to hear about the ones Austin & Kyle have kept from us, and the ones that Austin has yet to experience as he goes off to college next month. I love when the family gets together and we hear about how your dad and Rick tortured Greg when he was younger and the crazy things your dad did as a teenager, and the things Auntie Lu (Grandma Lu to you) let them get away with! Things you probably don’t want your kids to know about until they’re older. Lol… XOXO

  • Yeah. If you don’t want to slip up you should avoid those “few glasses of wine on the family vacation in a distant and dreamy land like Paris….” Very funny!


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