37 Weeks

I’ve been near full blown preparation mode this week. Is it weird to admit that I’m saving a few things for the last minute? Otherwise, I feel like I’ll just be waiting around and waiting around was too emotionally strenuous the first time around. With that said, I completed our “emergency plan” and even have instructions on how to make the bed for labor posted by our bedroom door. I also completed what I refer to as the “scavenger hunt” for our home birth preparation. I have things like clean towels, a flashlight, hand mirror, paper towels, a large bowl and other odds and ends tucked away in a corner waiting for their time to serve their purpose. I’ve also begun taking some homeopathics suggested by my midwives to start preparing for labor.
I feel 37 weeks pregnant. Everything is just a little harder and now that summer has officially arrived, the heat is just one more thing that is not my friend. We are almost ready to move back into our house and along with having a beautiful new and improved kitchen, we also have an unbelievably messy and dusty house. Truth be told, my mind is going a mile a minute with all the things I want to do, need to do, and how I would go about doing them, but my body is just not listening. I’ve resorted to making lists of what needs to be done and have even gone so far as making other lists detailing how to do them, but I’m exhausted by the mere thought of walking out the front door to bring the garbage cans in. I told Willy I need an assistant and maybe a midget that could walk in front of me and hold my belly up. So ya, there’s a lot that needs to be done but no energy to do them. That just about sums up this week.
On a positive note, I found the dress I’m wearing at Goodwill for $5 and I think I’ve worn it nearly every day this week. It’s super comfortable and the eyelet trim stole my heart instantly. Score!

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