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My strong desire to nest was continuously being suppressed by our prior hunt for a larger home. Our hunt had taken us right up until about a week ago, when we decided to stay put for a few more years. Being in limbo was causing my nesting instinct much turmoil. In any case, I’ve been collecting tidbits of nursery inspiration for quite sometime. You can check out my “Little Tykes” Pinterest board by clicking here or on the link on the right hand side of the browser. I’m constantly adding things to it. You can also check out Hooper’s nursery by clicking here. I plan on making small adjustments for Van’s arrival. Now, onto my inspiration:


I love the pops of color this dresser provides and I love how the little shoes are displayed. source
A bookcase in the shape of a tree? Don’t mind if I do. source
Love the re-done bright yellow lamp and love the idea of using a vintage desk as a nightstand. source
Love the vintage chalkboard and desk. I also find the old wire crates incredibly useful for storing toys. source
My love for vintage toys is no secret. You can check out some of our collection here. Would love to add a little camera to our current stock. source
Oh what I wouldn’t give to design a little girl’s room. Seriously, I hope my sister one day has a girl because I know she’d give me free reign to do as I please. source
Love this DIY storage crate on wheels. I’m also quite smitten with the cowhide rug. We gave one a chance a while back and it just didn’t work out. Not to mention that Sarah was totally and utterly (no pun intended) obsessed with it. Would love to try it again one of these days. source
Vintage wall paper and danish furniture? Yes, please. source
I love this easy DIY desk idea. Willy and I contemplated doing something similar in Hooper’s new room but opted instead for a vintage school desk that we scored at a flea market. The desk we found is similar to the last desk I included in my post on children’s chairssource
One way to avoid picking up your kid’s toys? Attach them to the wall. Love it! source
See those book shelves? I believe they are actually spice racks re-purposed as book shelves. Not a bad idea, right? I also love the Herman Miller Eames rocking chair. I found a replica on overstock for a fairly reasonable price but have no where to put it. I’m also head over heels for that vintage rug. Note to self: keep an eye out for a similar one. source
Because every kid’s room needs a feeling of revolt and power and unity, right? Go get em’ little tykes. source
Not only the vintage toys, but check out those vintage patterns. I’m also pleased to see that someone felt comfortable putting a vintage mod green flower sheet in their son’s crib. Willy won’t let me go near the flower prints. Again, I’m yearning to design a girl’s room. source

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2 Responses

  • Adorable rooms.

    As for me having a girl one day…not sure about that! Maybe your third (or fourth or fifth) will be a girl. Am I giving Willy a heart attack?


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