36 Weeks

FULL F’N TERM, sssccchhhwwhat??! There seem to be three major hurdles throughout pregnancy: the first being getting through the first trimester, the second being the entrance to the third trimester, and the last being making it to the point I’m at today, 36 freakin’ weeks! Boo-yah. Oh how it feels so nice to say this baby *could* come any day. Then again, I remember being here the first time around and having to wait another SIX weeks to meet Hooper. Sure it was worth the wait, but I’m really hoping I just have 3 or 4 more weeks to go.
We’re a displaced family this week as we’ve been staying with my parents while demo and construction on our kitchen is underway. I snapped a few before photos so I will be sure to share the final product. It’s been hard being away from home and I’ve come to the conclusion that having a toddler in any home other than their own is just plain difficult. I know simply by listening what he’s getting into in our own house, but here the possibilities are endless and it’s been draining to say the least. And if I have to mop the floor one more time because Hooper dumped the dog’s water bowl out, I think I might lose my mind. Sarah’s been a whining machine and is almost harder to take care of than Hooper. She too needs to be watched like a hawk, after all it’s practically summer and both of Sarah’s rattlesnake bites have occurred in or near my parent’s yard. So rather than letting her run freely, I have to listen to her whine while my parent’s dog freely enjoys the great outdoors. Speaking of my parent’s dog, she attacked Hooper. It was his fault and she’s old, but nonetheless I’m anxious to be home, can you tell? (No offense, mom, we’re incredibly grateful to have a place to stay 😉
Aside from the exhaustion, I feel good. Van has been moving a lot and my excitement is growing with each passing day. I’ve been having stronger braxton hicks and they seem to be occurring throughout the day now as opposed to mostly in the evening, after a long day of chasing Hooper. He’s taking up much more of my belly now and I can feel him migrating up into my ribs at times. They ought to make a device that pushes down on the uterus to prevent this because I feel like I’m always cupping my hand on the top of my belly to redirect the little guy downward. He hasn’t even popped out yet and I’m already having to set boundaries. Oh boy! All seems well at my midwives appointments, which are now once a week. I’m still measuring small, but again, my midwives feel this is due to the baby being so far down. They are suspecting that the head is already engaged, but I won’t have a vaginal exam until I’m 38 weeks, and only if I chose to have one at that time.
And lastly, I’d like to share this hilarious video of Jim Gaffigan on David Letterman talking about his wife delivering at home. I have a feeling this will be how Willy comes to discuss our home birth, after his anxiety wears off…

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