A Day for Dads

Hooper has a new favorite word: “Papa”. It’s asked as a question of sorts in the morning: “Papa?” To which I normally answer, “Papa’s at work”, and Hooper proclaims, “ka” (aka “work”). He then ventures out of his room and proceeds to survey the house, leading me to the closed bedroom door where he once again questions “Papa?”. I open the door to prove he’s not there and then it’s on to something else. It’s no wonder he’s taken to the guy. I’m pretty smitten with him too. Hooper, soon-to-be-Van, and I… were lucky folks. I wonder when the transition will occur that our boys want nothing to do with me and everything to do with their too-cool-for-school dad. And when it does occur, looking in from the outside really won’t be so bad if it means peering in these two (soon to be three)…



































Happy Father’s Day, Papa. Fatherhood sure looks good on you. Watching you as the man of the house really ruffles my feathers in the best kinda way. I love you.





























And an extended Happy Father’s Day to my own dad, who will always be the man I measure others against.


















Wishing all the dad’s out there a very special Father’s Day. Now man up and go do the dishes.Click To Vote For Us @ Top Baby Blogs Directory!

2 Responses

  • I’ve struggled for a while to work out how to explain the effect my Dad has had on me.

    You wrote it.

    My Dad is “the man I measure others against”.

    Thank you for articulating my thoughts!

  • Aww, love the old pictures, and what you said about measuring others against dad. We are very lucky to have such a good, loyal, kind guy in our lives.

    And this also made me smile: “Watching you as the man of the house really ruffles my feathers in the best kinda way.” You guys have such a great family!


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