It’s Baaaaack…

Some men take pride in their cars. Others in their trophy wives. My man? He takes pride in his mustache. He fiddles with the curled ends of that thing in front of the mirror longer than it takes me to shower, do my hair, and brush my teeth. When he sees another rugged man (I say “another” because surely he thinks his mustache makes him a gnarly dude) he immediately uses his come on line of, “What kind of wax do you use?”. And no, he’s not checking out their surf board, he’s checking out their stache. He makes many friends this way and gloats for the rest of the day after any compliment he receives. Anyhow, I figure it’d be fun to track his stache growth here on the blog. You may remember the initial pic I included on a Bits + Pieces post a few weeks back. If not, you can check out the very beginnings here, before the curled ends made their appearance. I’ll include a monthly snapshot from here on out. Hooper & Van, I’m sorry. Your Papa’s a nut.

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