32 Weeks

I had an appointment with my midwife this past week that seemed to confirm that this little boy has dropped. Her eyes grew large when she proclaimed, “he is down in there”. And trust me, it feels like he is nestled in tightly. I told Willy the other day that it feels like there is a bunk bed party in my belly and everyone is partying on the bottom bunk. I’m measuring a bit smaller but am still within normal limits. She thinks this is because the baby is so far down. Heartbeat is great and he moves like crazy.
I’m moving past last weeks post, where I shared many of my worries surrounding becoming a mother to two under the age of two. I needed to make those worries known before I could move on from them. I’m feeling much more capable this week and want to thank those that reached out to support me.

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  • Oh my gosh you are just the cutest 🙂 I never felt stylin’ at any point in my pregnancies. I take that back–with my first, you couldn’t tell I was for a long time, ha! Then baby #2 came along 10 months after sister is born. So yep, I pretty much got preggo the first second my body was able (um yeah, not planned but we were thrilled!). Baby #3 came along not too much after. My tummy was pretty much just like, “Alrighty, here we go again.”


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