The Baby Name Game

We had a girl name agreed upon. Truth be told, we even referred to my belly by this time from time to time as a sort of trial. You know, to see how it sounds when you actually use it in a sentence or refer to it as an actual being. And we loved it. We had a nickname ready as well that we equally loved, and that’s rare. There are a billion names I like, but when I look at the second name that goes with them… well, they take themselves off my “maybe” list. I love Charlie, for example, but could never live with Chuck. We’re so stuck on a boy’s name.


Hooper’s name was decided long before he was conceived. Before we were even got married, I had made the suggestion. It’s a family name and one I did not want to lose. Even if Hooper were a girl, we toyed with keeping the name anyway.
And I just can’t come up with something comparable. It seems unfair to give a name with such meaning and character to our first and not be able to give the same to our second. I can practically hear the clock ticking on this pregnancy and with each passing week I grow a little more fearful of the fact we have yet to settle on a name. 


I was destined to be a mom. I have a list of potential baby names stored away in an old journal to prove my commitment to one day mothering a child. I look at those names now and think, what the heck was I thinking? On the girls’ list, juxtaposed next to the boys’ list, there are double the amount of options and several that I’m still fond of. So… we’ve become hard core players in the baby name game. Stay tuned… this little bee will have to be named at some point and I promise it will not be Bob, Jim, or Ted…

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  • top runners for tova were: julian and parker. my friend has a girl named echo and i kind of think that would be a cool boy name too. i was at the train store and there was a little girl there playing who was named murphy, cool boy name too! of course i think harrison and truman are GREAT 😉


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