25 Weeks

I’ve mentioned it many times here on the blog, but I’ve wanted to be a mom since the days I started sporting pig tails. I mean people would talk about growing up to be dentists and doctors and veterinarians and truthfully, the only thing that ever seemed like the perfect fit for me was to be a mom. Even as a full time nurse, I consider myself first a mom then a nurse. I used to marvel at pregnant woman. I’d smile at them and think to myself how beautiful they were. It’s like they say, I’d see a glowing ring around pregnant woman. Part envy, part awe. They embodied everything I wanted out of life. Pregnant woman were like walking miracles to me. 
And here I am, pregnant once again and I don’t feel that way at all. I always assumed I’d feel the way other pregnant woman looked: graceful, strong, and angelic. Instead, my back hurts. And that’s all I can think about. Maybe this is why not every pregnant woman would smile back at me. Maybe their backs hurt too.

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