21 Weeks

Kick-o-rama ought to be the title of this weeks post. Only this time around, the kicks are low. Real low. Like so low Willy has to put his hand down my pants to feel those little thumps and punches. I read that this is fairly typical for second pregnancies. Something with the muscles dropping. What do you know, more sagging. Ha! I’ve also been battling a cold and have been exceptionally tired this week, having to nap when Hooper naps, which is usually when I clean up, blog, do laundry, edit photos… So ya, I feel a bit behind and I’m surrounded by one messy house. But I’m feeling better. Now if only I could get through the night without that post-nasal drip making me hack up a storm. Willy would enjoy the better rest too.
Psst… today is my last chance to find out the sex of our baby. I have my first appointment with our new backup OB (who I don’t plan on seeing past this point) and have opted to have a 20-ish week ultrasound to confirm that all the parts are there and growing and all that good stuff. I have this terrible inner turmoil brewing. I’m dying to know the sex of our baby, but I also LOVE surprises and there really is no greater surprise… rrriiiggghhhhtttt? Oh temptation is horrible. Today I have a love hate relationship with technology.

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  • Yay find out! Either way it’s a surprise! And special but really it’s yours and willy’s choice! I’m so sick right now and can sleep 24 hrs straight probable. Good thing I don’t have a toddler to care for but I have 4 animals that need me to feed and clean after them. And my kicks are very low too I was wondering if that was normal. Hope all goes well at your check up. I e gone to way too many because I’m neurotic but hopefully I’ll be less neurotic with the second. Xoxo

  • You can do it! Delayed gratification! The best two surprises I’ve ever had were on the birth days of my kids when my husband screamed (both times,) “It’s a boy!!!”. Don’t worry about “being prepared.” You’re just going to need diapers and onesies for the first 4 weeks anyway. Besides, in your own mind, I’ll bet you already know– I did.

  • i had the same inner turmoil about finding out the gender of my baby (not sure i wanted to know but afraid to pass up the opportunity) so i brought a beautiful piece of stationary with me and an envelope. I asked the ultrasound tech to write down the gender and seal the envelope. I took it home. I always knew i could open that envelope if i wanted to know… but i never did. The sealed envelope is in my son’s baby book. Maybe one day he will open it up & find out if the tech was correct!


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