11 Weeks

Back acne is in, have you heard? Yup, you better go out and find the nearest 16 year old and rub up against their face in hope that it just may be contagious. That’s how in it is. I had no skin issues with my first pregnancy. In fact, I recall not having a single pimple anywhere for the entire 9 months. That’s why I think this baby is a girl. There is an old wive’s tale that links acne with girls, right? Something like they steal your beauty. Buh humbug. I also didn’t have any nausea with my first pregnancy and though it seems to have come and gone already, I did have some evening sickness this time around. I ate so logically with Hooper. I ate what was good for me, even if I didn’t care for it. Not this time around. I eat much more emotionally. I make excuses like, “oh that doesn’t sound good to me”… But what I should say is that sounds good for me, but not to me. I keep making the promise that today I am going to start eating more logically and less emotionally. More signs pointing to a girl, perhaps?
Willy insisted on knowing the sex with our first pregnancy. And in all honesty, I was pretty excited to know too even though I always imagined it to be a surprise. This time around, I’ve insisted on getting my surprise. But part of me wants to know oh so bad.
Did you find out the sex of your baby before birth? Is the surprise worth it?

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  • Keep it a surprise! So funny that this pregnancy is so different. Maybe it is a girl……. All that estrogen could explain the emotionality…and the acne. 😉

  • You can figure out the sex of the baby….using Dear Abby’s formula. Dated, I know, but pretty good percentage for correctness. Take the age you were when you conceived this baby. Add it to the month you conceived (eg, July is the 7th month) Odd numbers will be boys and even numbers are girls. Congratulations! Brian’s mom Karen


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