The Six Week Bean Spill

The six week checklist:
-Make announcement to parents: check.
-Nausea: check.
This past weekend was Hooper’s first birthday party. We figured since we would have the both sets of parents together, it would be a good time to share our news. I’m not sure what I expected with the lets take a picture and on the count of three say “Ashley’s pregnant” approach. Scratch that. I know exactly what I expected. I expected hips and hoorays. Explosions of excitement. Gayness. Disguises thrown up in the air. Chins dropped to the floor. Instead, we got this:
Why am I the only one with my chin anywhere near the floor? I mean look at everyone, still posing for the photo.
Wait for it.
Wait for it.
Starting to sink in…
Are you guys SERIOUS?!?
Enough of this picture posing stuff, let’s celebrate!
Sometimes big news just takes a minute to sink in.
Turns out they didn’t believe us. Thought we were kidding. So there you have it. Dumbfoundedness followed by wide-eyed, heads thrown back, chin to the floor elation. Classic.
And this new nausea? Classic as well.


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