Portrait Series | May

the stork & the beanstalk photograhythe stork & the beanstalk photograhyA portrait of my family once a month in 2016

Willy: Had to have his side of the bed cropped out of the shot because, well, #men. Also went to Austin for a 4 day long bachelor party which puts me in the worst mood and makes me want to punch the organizer of such in the face.

Hooper: Started wiping his butt after he peed. When I inquired why he was doing so he said, “because we had to leave earlier and I didn’t have time to wipe it real good”. We had left 6 hours prior.

Van: Asked me, while in a very public restroom, why grown ups have hair on their ‘peeps’. Which, to be honest, doesn’t make me skip a beat — it’s the matter-of-fact stuff in parenting, for me, that’s the easy stuff.

Sonny: Was more fussy than usual on Memorial Day when my mom pointed out that he seemed hungry and Willy and I looked at each other and realized we never fed him lunch.

Me: Dyed my hair for, get this, the first time ever. Minus squeezing lemon juice in my hair in high school.

Jimmie: Loves me more than anyone else. This past month more so than usual.

Memorial Day

memorial day

This space has been deserted as of late. Much of my life feels deserted as of late. If I’m being honest, I feel like I’m doing a thousand different things but not doing any one thing with 100%. Time passing like sheets of paper in the wind. Forget finding the time to write; lately I can’t even clear space in my head enough to formulate thoughts. All that to say I have a lot I’m behind on posting here; trips to the desert, to Arizona, a slew of recent client sessions, a goodbye to breastfeeding post I need to finish before I’m actually done breastfeeding because then it’ll only be sad, sappy shit no one wants to hear and I don’t want to remember, and so on and so forth. Life… it just keeps on rollin’. I can’t imagine it moving at any faster of a rate.

Sending love on this Memorial Day to all of those who have sacrificed for our wonderful country. Hope everyone enjoys the extra day off. We’ll be spending it at my sister’s, poolside, and I need it.

Sonny @ 14 months

Growth & Appearance: Keeping your hair out of your face has become a problem so we’ve started giving you a little whale spout on the top of your head. You’re called a girl whenever we leave the house, but that’s okay. Your hair has lightened significantly and I’d damn near call you blond. Or at least on your way to blond.

I stuck you on the scale the other day and I think you were 23 or 24 lbs. Still in size 4 diapers. Size 18m or 2T pajamas.

You have a bunch of teeth that have popped through. Still waiting on one of your top middle. I think you have three on top and three or four randomly dispersed teeth that have popped through on the bottom. There doesn’t appear to be any rhyme or reason to the asymmetrical nature in which your teeth are coming in.the stork & the beanstalk photograhy

Sleeping: Much of the same, still two naps a day, one from 10ish to 2ish and another, not long after, from 4ish to 6ish. Asleep for the night between 8 and 9 and up, with your brothers, around 7:15.

You’re growing more attached to your blanket and oftentimes, as I lift you out of your crib, you motion for me to grab your blanket too.

Nursing puts you to sleep some nights but they’re in the minority. You go to sleep fine on your end anyway, without so much as a whimper most days / nights.the stork & the beanstalk photograhy
Eating: You’re all about grapes these days. You even turned down an avocado and whined for more grapes.

I breastfeed you in the morning, before your morning nap, before your afternoon nap, and before bed (we cut out the feed after your morning nap, so we’re down to four). I notice that my supply has dropped and I’m not sure you’re getting much so I’m hoping the ending to this relationship happens more or less naturally. I’ve stopped pumping on the days I work because I wouldn’t get anything. You’ll drink from a bottle but don’t drink much. Not sure if this will increase once we’re done with breastfeeding all together or what. I trust it will all work out as it should.the stork & the beanstalk photograhy

Development: Personality explosion as of late. So much humor and spunk. You love to say ‘boo’ and wait for everyone to scream.

You destroy everything in your path. It’s useless to pick anything up around here because as soon as you’re awake, everything is strewn about once again. Like a drunken octopus.

You’re learning how to go down the stairs but are still far too dangerous to leave on your own and we still have no suitable solution for blocking the stairway from you. We end up moving the entryway bench in front of the stairs when you’re awake so our house is never quite put together and, even when it is, you soon ruin it.

Words you say: “hi”, “thank you”, “boo”, “mama”, “doggie”.

You go limp when you’re moved from something you don’t want to be moved away from. And you bite the shoulder of whoever it is pulling you away.the stork & the beanstalk photograhy
Favorites: You LOVE your g’pa Jeffers and prefer him to even me. In his arms is some of the only times I see you ever still. It’s pretty sweet.

You also love Jimmie and are keen to share your food with him, even when what’s in front of you is something you love.

Sonny @ 13 Months

the bee & the foxGrowth & Appearance: We took you to your 12m appointment late, in true third child fashion, and -in even more third child fashion- can’t remember what your stats were. Except to say that you are in the 60th percentile for weight (and I think you’re around 24lbs, per our shipping scale) and 90th percentile for height (can’t remember how many inches, though).

Your hair has lightened significantly over the last month as is more of a golden color. You still only have three teeth; your two fangs and one top middle tooth. Feels like your teeth are taking forever to come in and you enjoy using your one fang tooth to chip away at most things.

You’re in size 4 diapers, size 18 or 24m pajamas.

You most always have some sort of scratch or scab or bruise on your knee and/or forehead.

Sleeping: Same as always; you wake around 7:30am, down for a nap around 10am, up around 2pm, down again at 4pm, up at 6pm, and down for the night around 8pm. Like a constant game of whack-a-mole. Because you’re more mobile than ever, nursing has been putting you to sleep more than it had been in the months prior but you’ll happily put yourself to sleep too, which is nice.the bee & the fox

Eating: Gone are the days you’d eat anything. You’re much more particular these days and, in general, you eat most in the morning and then just a little for lunch and either a lot for dinner or nothing at all. But breakfast is always a sure bet and somedays it seems like you eat enough in that one meal to last for the whole day.

Your favorites are still your favorites: avocado, banana, sweet potato, taco meat.

You still breastfeed 5 times a day: morning, before and after morning nap, before afternoon nap, and before bed (we cut out the feeding after your afternoon nap). You don’t drink a lot of the cow milk we give you from the bottle; only a couple of ounces a day, I’d say.

Development: You’ve started this fast-paced walking style that’s surely a transition to running; you look grossly off-balanced and teeter far from side to side resembling a drunken sailor. It excites you when you make it across the room moving in this speedy fashion and it brings the biggest shit-eating-grin to your face.

You still walk with your arms in the chicken wing position.

You love playing peek-a-boo and will come around the corner and say ‘boo’ and expect everyone to act surprised.

You can move from a squat to a stand without using your arms. You can also move down or up a small step and when you do so successfully, you tend to want to do it over and over and over again.

Words you know and use on and off: “ut-oh”, “thank you”, “hello”, “doggie”, “love you”.

Your scream hits a decibel that’s sure to deafen a few. You use it often to be heard or to get what you want and it’s hard to ignore because as soon as you hear it all you want to do is stop it.the bee & the fox

Favorites: You love being outside and when I’ve just about had enough of the screaming I let you loose in the yard.

Other favorites include the remote controls, phones, and digging through the kitchen cabinets.

Childhood Unplugged

the bee & the fox the bee & the fox the bee & the fox the bee & the fox the bee & the fox the bee & the fox the bee & the fox the bee & the fox the bee & the fox the bee & the foxThe spring that everything bloomed. That’s how I want the boys to remember these last few months years from now when the hills are once again bare and dry and brown (but hopefully not). The most rain we’ve had for who knows how long. And at a time where we needed it so bad. The blooms, a pleasant reminder of the resiliency of nature; how it can go without for so long and still come back to life so brilliantly. A reminder to us all.

We had ambitions of making it out to Borrego Springs and never quite made it but I can’t say I’m too regretful given what’s come to life in our own back hills. It’s a sight to be seen and a sight to remember because who knows when the next drought will hit.

Tall weeds of beautiful blooms paving the way, making trails into caves and lining the memories of all of us here in Southern California. Giving thanks and gratitude to Mother Nature.

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