pregnancyprizepackIt was around the six month mark that I started questioning if my pregnancy style might be better than my regular style; I think there’s something to having something to workaround that forces one to be more inventive and, at times, daring, which both seem to lend to pleasant surprises (albeit a few key misses, I’m sure, too). Willy would ohhh and ahhh with my selections. I’m down to the final two or less months of pregnancy (where it’s easier to know how far along I am by doing simple subtraction) and all of that has gone out the window… this bump proving a harder feat for any sort of ingenuity to conquer. And so I’m down to rotating between the few final things that continue to work; namely a few Free People dresses that I’ve been weaving in and out of rotation for a while now because they’re just that lovely. I dread the day should they no longer fit, though I know it’s coming. And dammit, I just refuse to spend hundreds of dollars on super cute maternity clothes from places like Hatch that will last me all of a few months before I no longer need them and frankly can no longer stand them due to their inherent association with, well, bigger and less glamorous times. Who’s with me?

During my pregnancy with Van, I started putting a few key items away with intentions of surprising myself later when I wasn’t, well, pregnant. Many of the items were clothing related. I realize stashing clothing items away while pregnant may simply be a pre-curser to disappointment when 9 months later they’re not even close to fitting. I also realize that it can be a waste of money, even if it’s just on a $7 dress at a thrift store, if you can’t try it on and have some idea that it’s what you want and/or fits how you’d like. And for these reasons, I chose wisely. I pick one-size-fits-most type of items, skirts with elastic waistbands, and so on an so forth.

This is my favorite post-pregnancy-prize-pack to date… not that it has much in the way of competition, but surely I’m better at this given it my third go-around. Things in this stash that I’m greatly looking forward to: a blue and white striped pinafore dress, an oversized linen top, a fabulous vintage levi’s denim dress, and a suede-like vintage dress with an elastic waist. Most everything in the stash is more-or-less breast-feeding friendly, which is another challenge one has to consider. Toward the end, I’ll also add a few things like my favorite bottle of sweet white wine and my current pregnancy indulgence, chocolate caramels from Sees Candy.

Because honestly, who can gift a gift to you better than, well, you? Ha. In any event, if you’re expecting, treat yourself. I swear you’ll forget all about the items you put away and it feels pretty good after all you’re sure to go through and give to your new little one to have just a little something for yourself. Who’s with me, again?

image on right is from Pinterest

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  • This is such a good idea! I have been so sad about not being able to fit into some of my favorite clothes recently. It will be nice to hide it away and surprise myself with it in a few months.
    I have been loving your pregnancy posts. I’m so glad that we’re pregnant at the same time! :]

    • The funny part is that when you stash the stuff away, you literally forget all about it… it genuinely is a surprise months later to unearth the things. Congrats on your pregnancy! πŸ™‚

  • What a great idea. I guess I *kinda* did this my last pregnancy by buying a special monogrammed necklace in honor of my three kids, buying a “raising my tribe” tee that I had my eye on (but currently fit in), and by continuing to buy wine I couldn’t drink yet ;-). I’l share a link to this post on my blog tomorrow. The world must know about this! πŸ™‚


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