Souther California Photographer-54Souther California Photographer-338I wish you could see the very scene that surrounds me at this very moment — it’s the scene that in hindsight is responsible for much of my exhaustion as of late, my inability to get anything done, and the end of whatever alone time Willy and I once had. I’m referring to this high-energy child of mine that is currently running circles around me, chasing Jimmie – who is terrified – with a water gun… simultaneously making a mess of the house I just spent the last day cleaning.
I’m referring to the fact Hooper is no longer napping.
Sure, I’ve mentioned it before… but when I mentioned it before I didn’t quite understand the full ramifications. I didn’t directly correlate the unanswered emails, the unwashed dishes, the unfinished blog posts, not to mention the sanity that comes with even just 30 minutes of peace and quiet.
We had a good run, I know. I realize he will soon be 5 and that we are just now giving up those solid couple of hours of afternoon delight. No pun intended. Or maybe there was, you be the judge. All I know is that at this moment I have a confiscated leaking water gun on my lap that’s making it look like I’ve pissed my pants, a dog at my feet hoping to find some safe haven, and a wide awake 4-year-old that desperately wants to wake his sleeping brother and is determined to occupy me with 10 silly demands until that time comes. And then that time will come and soon enough they’ll be fighting.
It baffles me that my blog has survived having my first child, then my second child, and even my 13-level-spinal-fusion, only to go dark – or darkish (there was a time I used to write everyday)- when one of said children has stopped napping.
Such is life. In any event, I’m having to figure out new systems for getting shit done. I’ve yet to solve the catastrophes of my inbox. But shit, I have yet to solve how to stop a 4-year-old from squirting a water gun at an overly anxious dog. First things first. And so, the emails pile.

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  • My heart sinks when I read this because I know that one day in my future (idk if it’s near or far) my now 3.33 year old will stop napping, too. Noooooooo!!!! Nap time is sacred time for Mama! And now that I have two kids (youngest is 4 months old), nap time is even MORE sacred. And somehow, I’ve magically been able to get the two of them to nap at the same time more times than not, which I still am amazed by. Go me! Anyways, my oldest still naps probably 5-6 days out of the week. When she does, it’s for about 1.5-2 hours. When she doesn’t, she still is put in “quiet time” for at least an hour. Every nap takes place in her bed where she gets to pick 5 books to quietly read (but while laying down. I have a video monitor so I make sure). Sometimes, she’s so tired that she falls asleep with book in hand. Sometimes, she finishes them all but she knows she’s supposed to lay with her stuffed animals and TRY to sleep. I always tell her how much her body needs rest, just like it needs food to function. I compare both to a car needing gas to drive. Or her toys needing batteries to work. Her body needs some rest or she will be “cranky” later on, I tell her. At least I still get at least an hour of quiet time for ME either way. And when she misses her nap, I put her to bed at least 30 minutes earlier that night, otherwise she wakes up screaming/crying. Night terrors. Crazy. Anyways, hang in there. I’m sure you’ll figure out what to do with your new normal. Good luck! -Misty

    • Nap time IS sacred. Mine used to nap at the same time too… it was wonderful. All I can say is enjoy it while it lasts!

  • Both my kids stopped napping by age 3. I highly recommend having a quiet time. It still allows you to have some sanity time and, for us, it allows my kids to slow down and spend some time alone for a bit.

  • My boys are 8 and 4.5. My 4 yr old still naps, his brother did too until he started Kindergarten. I started having a quiet time for 1 hr when my oldest stopped naps and my lil one was still a babe. It saved me. He would be allowed to nap (though he never chose to), look at books, do puzzles, or draw. Now that he’s 8, during quiet time he mostly reads or I send him outside to play.

    • Ya, I think I just need to figure out how to make it work… we live in a townhome, so I can’t send him to the yard to play. I wish I could. They also share a room, so asking him to read or play in his room is not an option because Van is sleeping in there. We’ll figure it out, I’m sure… cuz’ I need some quiet 😉 Thanks for sharing.


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