The Pop-Up Shop Recap

It means so much to me to work with people that I genuinely like, respect, and care about. I was pretty nervous leading up to the pop-up shop event at Sweet Threads because putting myself out there like that isn’t normally my jam. But Shella had donuts, and macaroons (which I tried for the first time ever. I know, I’m lame), and having her by my side made the day dare-I-say fun and enjoyable. She has some awesome customers that are super loyal and incredibly inviting. There were also a few familiar faces that came through the door and their support leaves me speechless.  
I had anticipated setting up a small area outside the shop to snap some photos of the kids in their new tee’s, but the rain had other ideas so we had to move the whole shindig inside. It all worked out and I had a blast photographing some of the cutest kiddos and enjoyed my time behind the camera — my happy place.
I left with a box of shirts that had less in it than when I came, so that was good. I’m trying my damnest to move these suckers out so I can get to work on some new ones. I have a few ideas that are literally burning holes in my brain. Ha. I also left with two bags filled with new-to-us clothes. Shella always has the most awesome collection of vintage clothing. I came away with a few new pairs of pants, a suede vest, a couple vintage baseball shirts, and a sweater I’m practically making Hooper wear despite the 80 degree November weather because it’s that stinkin’ cute. I felt like a hoarder, secretly adding things to my pile behind the desk before someone swept in and beat me to it. But whatever, I’m not above hoarding.
Special thanks to Shella & Paul at Sweet Threads for hosting and making me feel at home and many thanks, as well, to all who came out to show love and support. I have so much appreciation for y’all.
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