Support Local: Merchant Square

Merchant Square is the largest boutique for antiques, memorabilia, handmade goodies, vintage items, records, jewelry, clothing, collectibles, and all sorts of other treasures. I have been here a handful of times during our many trips to the Phoenix area and I never leave empty handed. The staff is warm and friendly and eager to take something out of your hands so you can browse with your hands free. There is an outdoor area that has so much good stuff you’ll forget all about the 110+ roasting temp in the summer. With over 250 vendors, you’re sure to find something that sets your heart aflutter. If you’re in the AZ area, you ought to check them out. Bring your dough though, some of the booths are a bit overpriced and to my dismay, there is no longer an eatery (there used to be the cutest little hot dog / snack place you could grab a bite to eat).  
And be sure to check out the Savor’s down the street. I snagged two killer rugs the last time I stopped in there. 
Who’s from the AZ area? Have you been to either?

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  • I’m so confused…did your cute little family move to AZ or CA? I think I’ve read you’ve been back and forth for a while. Hope you get to move into your new digs soon. Really have been loving your recent shots in AZ- as we are considering it a possibility for our end of summer move. Love your blog, keep it up mama!

    Ashlee @


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