Bits + Pieces, from Arizona (round II)

Our original plan was to drive to AZ, spend some time with Willy’s family while our house got worked on, and return and move in. Easy Peasy. What I’ve learned, and ultimately have come to accept, is that nothing – when moving – goes as planned. After ten days in AZ we received word that our contractor took off for Mexico. It sounds more dramatic than it ended up being, but at the time we had no clue what that meant for us. We decided to come back early from AZ so we could find out more. I’ll spare y’all the details and say that it all got figured out but things were far from done so we went to stay with my parents. We were there for another week and a half and, again, things were still not done with the new house so after returning from the weekend I spent with my sister in Ojai, the kids and I took of – again – for AZ. Hence the round II.
Janet reminded me that moving is rated number 3 on the list of most stressful events, right behind divorce and death. And now, I know why. I get it. It hasn’t always been fun and we have had our fair share of curve balls (both cars breaking down at separate inopportune times, the contractor taking off for Mexico, Sarah being hit by a car… to name a few).
I digress.
The kids and I had so much fun. We went on several day adventures and my mother-and-sister-in-laws took me around to the thrifts and they always seem to serve me better than the second-hand stores here in CA. I came away with a peacock chair for our enclosed patio, tons of planters, two kilim rugs that look as though they were made for our hallway, various knick-knacks, a huge macrame that I can’t wait to hang, an old antique chair whose price tag did not reflect it’s value, a blanket, a rug for the boys’ room, and some other odds and ends.
The boys will surely miss seeing family they so

clearly love and adore; as will they miss the cows, the goats, the garden, and riding in the back of the pick-up truck down the dusty dirt road.

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7 Responses

  • Oh my goodness! You’re photos are just so gorgeous! The one with the goats nibbling on the dress – THE BEST!! So very “goat.” HEHE!

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful journey with us!

    Lots of love,

  • These photos are all so awesome. Those boys are so lucky to have so many family members who adore them. And what adventures–animals, dirt, popsicles…what more can a couple boys ask for?!

  • the photo of V straddling the fence, the light, his body, the shadows … and the look on H’s face when he was “driving” … these are just so good. So.Good. I keep getting caught up in those two pictures. Your family is so lucky you are there documenting these seemingly mundane, yet completely priceless moments. Thanks for sharing them with us too. xx. tamara


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