A portrait of my boys, once a week, every week in 2014

We (well, the kids and I) are back in Arizona this week as things with the new home remain unfinished. So it goes, right? Fortunately we have lots of family that welcome, and then re-welcome, us with open arms. Through all of the chaos as of late, family has been our saving grace.

Van: Is determined to throw a wrench into my recovery. His defiance wears on me physically and chews up and spits out any amount of patience I have left. He listens, eventually, but it’s always on his terms and on his time. I was trying to get him to follow me to the car when I snapped this picture.

Hooper: Insisted on taking off his shoes because they were “dirty” but is apparently not bothered by bare, dirty feet. Also, he can run across a field full of sharp rocks without wincing; soles of steel, I tell ya.

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