Bits + Pieces, from Arizona

We arrived at Willy’s parent’s house in Arizona beaten down from the physical and emotional stress of moving and saddened after losing Sarah just a few days prior. We always brought her along on our trips to AZ, so there was that sobering reminder when we didn’t have to push her off my lap and into the back seat like we usually do.
To make matters worse, our truck broke down early on and as if luck were teasing us by slapping us one minute and then kissing us the next, we happened to be a few miles from my sister’s house where our second car sat until we returned. So we swapped cars, repacked all our stuff, switched the car seats out for the umpteenth time, and made it to Joshua Tree just in time for a family session I had booked prior. So ya know, the take home message is that it all works out. One way or another.
With no further bumps in the road, we arrived in AZ. We enjoyed warm days and cool nights, Lucky and Moocher (the new pet goats), the Renaissance festival, a wild cat that just gave birth to kittens, an Irish band that did a Bob Dylan cover that felt like it was just for me, a trip to an old gold mining ghost town, some thrifting that landed an old peacock chair in the back

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of our car and some other treasures for the new home, and enough laughter with family and friends to fill our empty tanks.

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4 Responses

  • There is so much cuteness in these photos. I love Hooper’s jeans and moccasins combo. And his yellow saxophone. Van’s red sneaks and perpetual look of wonder.

    What strange animal is that next to Hoops at the pool? A kitten??

  • Ashley, I always love your blog & rarely comment (shame on me) but I was moved to tell you: Those pics of Hooper naked, playing the plastic sax in the mud puddle: WOW. Awesome. Priceless. All of these pics are very moving. I really, really enjoyed this particular Bits & Pieces. I hope you are feeling a little brighter since losing Sarah… I hope everyday is easier than the one before, and I hope you physical body becomes more comfortable each day as well. You have been through so much recently. Don’t forget to take care of you too. With fondest regards, Tamara (leomama on IG). xx.


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