Oh it all started with smiles, it did. Doesn’t it always? Smiles spread from ear to ear created by thoughts of a welcomed change and a promise, to ourselves, of new beginnings. 
It’s been rough since my surgery. To this day, my recovery impacts all of us on a daily basis. The thought of starting anew brought with it the same aura that accompanies the start of Spring; an awakening, new birth, calm skies. And we needed that, I think.   
They say beginnings are messy but this beginning started like a new season, seamless in it’s transition and without break in routine. We laughed, giggling about how easy it was all happening. After all, it was the first home we looked at and we knew instantly that it was the right fit; the perfect space for our family. And as if one good stroke of luck gives way to another, the first day our home went on the market, an offer – we later accepted – came in.
Like I said, it was an easy beginning. 
Slowly, we started preparing. I had our nanny help me clean out each of the closets and we made several trips to the Salvation Army and Goodwill. I listed most of our furniture on Instagram and Craigslist and one by one, as things started leaving our home, the idea of moving became more real. 
I’ll spare y’all the lets-not-hire-a-moving-company-because-we-don’t-have-that-much-to-move bologna coupled with losing Sarah on our very last day at the house and say this: hire a moving company. Just do it and don’t ask any questions.
Slowly beds disappeared and were replaced by blow-up mattresses, big boxes took the place of dressers, outdoor toys welcomed the new open space and quickly became indoor toys, and things got – well- messy.
By the time all was said and done, Willy walked over to our neighbor’s house and found her sitting in a chair we had left out in front of our house with a sign that read “free” in scribbled permanent marker; her cigarettes on a little side table that at one time housed our records but ultimately landed in the same pile as the free chair. He handed her $50 to clean up the left behind garbage, mostly wood from neglected projects we had started but not finished. She took the $50 with a grin that would even make the Grinch suspicious and concluded that she’d use the wood during their next camping trip. In the five years we lived there, I’ve never seen the RV leave the driveway.
And just like that, we said goodbye to our first home with a rejected full-sized mattress on the side of the curb visible in the rear view mirror and the scene of Sarah’s accident behind us.
Sometimes it’s the endings that are messy. Here’s to new beginnings…

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9 Responses

  • What a great post. Seeing Sarah made my heart clench a bit. Moving is so, so hectic and you guys have had lots of other challenges. You’ve had such a good attitude through it all. I can’t wait to have you guys closer! Things will calm down and a new life will take shape. It is exciting… so exciting.

  • “made my heart clench” – that’s exactly what that picture of Sarah did. I’ve always loved reading your posts, but they have been even more overwhelming//amazing//heartbreaking//inspiring lately. If just reading makes me this emotional, I can’t imagine what it’s been like to live it. I’m so grateful that I found your blog and we were lucky enough to meet you. You’re much better at putting this whole moving thing in perspective than I am – on to new beginnings! Good luck Ashley.

  • Moving is always messy. We’ve moved a few too many times, each time more and more things got wrecked or left behind. Now we have bought the house we will live in for the next few years at least, and I think its beginning to feel more like home.
    Sorry about Sarah. 🙁 Hoping things will work out easier for you guys!


    • Not sure if I mentioned it here or not. I mentioned it on instagram, I think. Didn’t want to jinx it early on because there was so much up in the air with it all. But it all worked out, so yes, we’re moving!

  • Moving is always a disaster (well in my case). I can’t even tell you what a nightmare our move was a few months back, and the funny thing was Ryan and I saying how it must have all been “meant to be” just prior to the shit hitting the fan. So next time I know better than to open my mouth! Congratulations on the move, I’m sure you are ready to start fresh and look forward to new memories. Wishing you the best of luck with the rest of the move.


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