Hooper has really picked up on right and wrong. I suppose we have preschool to thank for that. The other day I pinched his butt. It was an oh-my-god-I-can’t-help-myself-your-toddler-butt-is-nearly-edible moments and the little booger called me out and reprimanded me, “no pinching, Mama!”. I shrugged it off and to this day find it rather cute. What’s not cute is when Willy and I took him on a bike ride and he decided to be a total tantrum throwing sour puss. Willy made him come off his bike and grabbed him by his arm and just as some people were walking to their car he says, “no grabbing me, Papa”.
Crazy cool images of unborn animals in the womb. I think the elephant is my favorite.  
An interesting article on the importance of birth order. I couldn’t agree more… my sister, who is older, is the “planner”… I’m the “I’ll buy a jacket when I get to the mountains” type. Does the assumption that first born = achiever, second born = peacemaker, third born = life of the party hold true in your family?
Jennifer Senior, author of “All Joy and No Fun” was on the Colbert show. I kinda wish he would have stopped interrupting her and just let her talk. I also wish someone would have put a guitar on her lap and made her sing (I love me some rasp).
The other evening was one of those evenings where Willy and I were both looking at the clock and wondering if we could move bedtime up to the present time. It had been a fun-filled day complete with missed naps, which truthfully never ends well. I always envisioned being a “carefree” mom who said “boo-hoo” to schedules but the childless day dreamer that I once was knew nothing of the consequences for missed naps. In any event, we contemplated throwing the boys in the car and just going for a drive to get out. It’s hard for them to push, hit, or bite whenever when they’re restrained by their seat belts. Instead, we opted to hide. No, really. When they weren’t looking, we made a break for it and sat in the shower; Willy with his glass of whiskey, me with a glass of wine. And you know what? It was heavenly. For whatever reason, they played together peacefully. It was as if when the referees weren’t there they just instinctively knew they had to play fair. We must have sat in that shower for at least a half hour; long enough for Sarah to curl up on the bath mat and join us. So next time they’re pissin’ me off, you can find me in the shower.
The wonderfully talented Amy Grace invited me to participate in both her “grown ups” chorus as well as her ” ” chorus. You can read all the beautiful entries and browse all the lovely images by clicking here and here. Many thanks to Amy for giving me a voice. I hope to meet her one day, live and in person.
One of my favorite photographers, Dera Frances, was featured over on the Childhood Unplugged blog. Her work is always an inspiration to me and her daughters are just so beautiful. I love what she chooses to capture and how she captures it. You can check out the interview here.
I was invited to share my 5 favorite things for the boys over on the Simple Savvy blog. I went with the practical things we use everyday.
Remember that really cute post of Van behind the wheel of Willy’s truck. Well, following that the battery died and $850 dollars later (somehow the cables or something got damaged) we decided the boys are no longer allowed to play in the cars.
I went on Photo Field Trip in El Capitan the other weekend. It was a blast to meet some virtual friends in the flush. Perhaps my favorite part of the weekend was an inspirational speech given by Dallas Clayton. I still can’t seem to shake his energy out of my blood stream and I’m so thankful for that. He’s nothing short of extraordinary. You can check out fellow photographer Kelly Christine’s amazing images from the weekend here. I’m hoping to get around to posting a few pics I took during the weekend as well, though truthfully I didn’t take many. It rained for much of the time and schlepping my camera around wears on my neck and back.
I just adored this post from Jessica. I stopped following many of the blogs I used to read; partly because I just don’t have the time and partly because I just can’t stand the in-your-face sponsored posts. I love that she approached the topic from a place of sincerity. I also can’t wait to check out her new project.
Ama sent me this video and pretty much made my night. If you knew how many random tractor videos I have to watch in a week, you’d know why I find this so hilarious. Thanks for the laugh, Ama.
One of my very kind readers recognized a photo I had posted as coming from Alain Laboile. I checked out his work then and there and have gone back several times since. He is amazing.

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