March Madness Sale

When I was pregnant with Hooper, I use to scour the thrifts and Etsy for cute vintage boys clothes. I’d frequent a lot of the same shops over and over again because I found a few of them consistently had just what I was looking for. I was so stoked the other day to open a package from the lovely Alisha of LishyLoo Vintage and find these adorable pants that she has so generously handed down to us. They appear handmade, with love, with some fraying at the waist that makes me think of all the cuties that have worn these pants before Van, her three adorable children included. In any event, it got me all sentimental. 
If you’re looking for some awesome vintage finds, do yourself a favor and visit her shop. She’s currently having a march madness sale and you can get 20% with the code MARCHMADDNESS. Here are my favorites: This adorable two piece outfit from the 60’s (mostly for those amazing shorts, I mean get outta here!), these Health-Tex overalls (my favorite vintage brand), these Minnetonka moccasins that I wish were in my size, and… waittttt for it… THIS children’s folk jacket that I’m basically drooling over and almost didn’t include because I want to just snatch it up for myself.
Side note: Many congrats to *Misty* for winning the giveaway to Little Pim. Thank you to all who entered!

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3 Responses

  • ohhh what a sweet surprise! thank you 🙂 i can’t wait until those stripy pants make their way to the scene! love those little boys so! and you too of course mama 🙂

    • He had them on the other day and they were drenched on the bottoms cuz they’re too long and he kept running through the puddles. Grow Van, Grow! Thanks again, you’re so kind.


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