The hysteria that is motherhood

A snippet of my time with the Kraus family
Sometimes it’s just so hard getting out the door. By the time all are fed and dressed and bags are packed, it feels like it’s time to go to bed and do the same thing all over again; all without ever actually walking out the door. So when the car is packed and all but one member of your gang has piled in, you turn a blind eye to your youngest member who comes out holding his shoelaces to his oversized shoes in his hands like a stilt walker holds his poles. You just do.  
With a chuckle and a giggle and perhaps a slight shake of the head; that’s how you get through motherhood.

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5 Responses

  • i can completely relate. especially now for us, in the winter, wear we need hats, gloves, snowpants, extra layers… it takes forever just to get outside! it’s insanity. and then amelia needs a diaper just as we’re ready and leaving. ahhhhhh!!! but you really do just have to kind of laugh it off and it’s really the only way to get through! stressing, yelling, giving up on going out to play? doesn’t work for anyone, ever. just laughing it off and going with the flow works almost every time!

    cool photo, i like the framing 🙂

    • Oh my, I can only imagine. I’ve thought about those who live in the snow often since becoming a mom… not sure how you do it.


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