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I’ve always said that if I had ten wishes, I would want to be fluent in every single language and dialect in the world. I’d also want to be able to walk perfectly, without any discomfort, in super high heels. But, I digress. My best friend, Janet, is of Cuban and Guatemalan decent. In fact, it just dawned on me that y’all probably think her name is Janet. In reality, it’s pronounced Jeanette. That’s because English is her family’s second language and, when she went to school, she pronounced her name like her parents pronounced it: ya-net and, just like that, she became Jeanette.
I digress again, but not entirely.
There was a once a time we went shoe shopping in Van Nuys and there was a group of guys that were clearly saying something mean (in Spanish) about the “little white girls” in the store. I remember the pride taking over every crevice in my body as Janet turned around and – in perfect Spanish – told them off. The look on their faces was to-die for.
There’s a lot of parents out there that have Spanish speaking nannies and brag to other moms about how their kids are growing up bilingual and therefore better than yours. That’s not me. Instead, I want my kids to learn Spanish so they can tell off that group of guys in the shoe store.
And so, I’ve started teaching them via Little Pim.Little Pim is a little panda that teaches children a second language. Geared toward children aged 0-6, when the brain is wired to learn up to three different languages, Little Pim offers DVDs in eleven different languages. The benefits of doing such are vast. Learning a second language contributes to cognitive development, prepares your child for what has become a global marketplace, and improves analytical and social skills. I also feel that if my kids are going to be sitting in front of the TV or computer, why not engage them in something educational? Two birds, one stone is my style o’ parenting. 
To my surprise, Little Pim held both of my boys attention. And, since starting the CD series, both have asked to watch it and have chosen to do so over Curious George or other cartoon favorites. It feels good to be cooking dinner knowing they are being entertained by something educational. It’s also been fun to dust off my own Spanish speaking skills (I studied Spanish in high school and have traveled to over six Spanish speaking countries, not to mention communicating with Spanish speaking patients in the hospital). You can read more about the benefits to introducing young children to a second language by clicking here. They also have apps available, which you can check out here
The lovely folks over at Little Pim have been so kind as to offer one lucky reader a 3-pak in the language of the winner’s choosing.
Entering is easy. You can enter any of the following ways, but please leave a separate comment for each entry to increase your chances of winning. The winner will be announced here in two weeks (March 11th) and will be contacted via email, so make sure your email address is valid.
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