To Nina's house they go.

Isn’t it the case that as soon as you drop your children anywhere, whether it be preschool or a friend’s house, you miss them. I’m continuously dumbfounded by the someone-please-help-me-and-take-my-children-for-a-few-hours and the I-can’t-wait-to-see-my-children-because-I’ve-missed-them-so-much way of motherhood.  
Twice a week, the boys go to my parent’s house during the day. I spend all day the day before looking forward to it only to be longing to pick them up when the next day finally arrives. But, I know it’s good; it’s good for me, good for them, and – I hope – enjoyable (maybe sometimes?) for my parents.  
I came to pick them up a little early the other day and decided to snap a few photos; little mementos of their days spent at their Nina’s and Gee-paw’s.

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5 Responses

  • I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I’m new to this, well maybe just a little. I’m doing the single mom thang and sometimes (most times) I am downright exhausted and can’t wait for the few hours a week I get to be by myself, or hang out with just friends. As soon as I hand my daughter over I catch myself yearning for her again. I think about her so much when we aren’t together. But man when we see each other again it’s the best feeling! Sometimes I just feel guilty wanting/needing time to myself. I know how ridiculous that sounds, but it’s true!

  • I am the same way. It’s sort of like recharging a battery… sometimes a few hours is just too long away from my kids. I hit a point where I’m like, “Okay, bring ’em back, I’m good, I can handle them for another 24-72 hours before I need another recharge.” And then the “time to myself” that I was wanting is far too long. I’ve found that like kids have a strong attachment to their moms, we as moms also have this attachment to our kids. It hurts being away for too long!

    Beautiful photos, of course. particularly love the dark ones, with just him in the spotlight.

    • Ya, an hour – or two – can make a huge difference. You said it perfectly… a little recharge. It feels so good… both to leave and to come back recharged. Thanks for sharing.


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