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I have loads to say about instagram and iPhoneography, so much so that I’ll be sharing different thoughts on the topic once a week or so over the next month (or so).  I wanted to start by introducing you to three different classes that The Define School now offers to strengthen your iPhoneography skills. Yes, there are classes on how to use the camera on your phone. Sound crazy? If you saw what some people are doing with their iPhones, it wouldn’t sound so crazy. Kevin Russ, for example, has been described as the Ansel Adams of iPhoneography; and for good reason, his work is mind blowing. Makes you wonder if the fancy cameras are even worth it. 
I’ve had many of friends purchase a DSLR and come to me asking how to use it. And, truth is, it’s not something you can teach someone in one sitting. And, truthfully speaking, it’s not something a lot of people have the patience to learn in the absence of true, innate passion.
But the iPhone is easy to operate. So easy, in fact, that you can’t go to a concert or Disneyland or playground without seeing a whole heap of moms (and dads) with their phones out and pointed in their kid’s faces. The iPhone has made everyone a photographer.
What many don’t know, however, is how easily you can improve the quality of the photos you capture. Simple things like tuning into composition or becoming a storyteller through your photographs. Within each of us, there is an artist and the iPhone is fantastic in that it can easily bring the artist in all of us to the surface.
The Define School has teamed up with the iArtist Collective to offer three different classes on iPhoneography. Here’s a bit about each one:
The Foundation of iPhoneography, by Audrey Breheney, goes over the inner workings of your iPhone’s camera, lighting and composition, apps and social sharing platforms, organization and storage of your photos, as well as fun DIY projects.
Self + Art, by Carolyn Mara Borlenghi, speaks to exercising your creativity, tools to battling road blocks, and battling criticism.
A Mother’s Story, by Soud Thammavongsa, discusses documentary style photography, images that capture you in an individual role as a mother, and applying your newly-learned approach to your everyday life.
Let me know if any of you decide to sign up for the classes! And check back over the next couple of weeks as I will be sharing some iPhoneography tips as well as some pros + cons to instagram.

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6 Responses

  • My whole blog is basically just iphone pictures. I use my iphone4 as a camera like 90 billion times a day, so much so that I have to purge pictures to my external drive at least once a month to free up space on my phone. I actually majored in photography when I was in college, but it was all film so I’ve never owned a dslr. I really want one but $$$$$$, you know. I will definitely check these links. I love learning new iphoneography skills!!

  • i wish i took more photos with my iphone, it seems easier, but i just don’t ever really do it. i always just take my camera as habit, and i feel like my photos always come out better. now, the decision of putting more time into getting better with my iphone photography, or to just stick to what i know…? love these photos you posted for examples. never heard of Kevin Russ. beautiful work!

    what is the define school?

  • nevermind! visited the site. interesting 🙂 can’t wait to look further into it. have you taken any classes with them?

    love your blog…following you on bloglovin 🙂 glad to have found you!


  • This is such a cool idea! I really want to do more with my iPhone I’m so jelly over everyones cool pictures on instagram that it makes me inspired to go out and try and capture pic’s like them.

    My only issue is I still have the ol’ iPhone 4s and I feel like its grainy as ever, too the point where the picture style I usually take isn’t working out the greatest.
    any tips? would it still be worth taking the class with the iPhone4s? I plan on upgrading soon but with the renos here idk when that would be..



    • I can’t say I noticed a huge difference between my iPhone 4s and iPhone 5, to be honest. Maybe I’m oblivious? So yes, I don’t think it matters.


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