Around the Table

Hooper: gets out of his seat a thousand times, won’t try new things, often prefers to be spoonfed, requires a lot of effort (on our part) to finish a meal.
Van: starts trying to climb into his high chair as soon as he sees food being made, feeds himself, often requires seconds, will try anything, puts food in his mouth by the fistfull. 
Sarah: does not require a rag or sponge, thinks the food in her bowl is overrated, loves having babies and toddlers around, hates blueberries.
What’s it like around your table?

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8 Responses

  • Ha, ha! This is great. And your table sounds very similar to ours, but add another boy. Sometimes I say to my husband “I’m eating over there” and we take dinnertime in shifts. Right now, it’s the roughest time of day!

  • HA HA HA HA HA! I LOVE these three pictures and the story they tell. The only thing that’s missing is a photo of you sitting there rolling your eyes. I’m so happy that Van came along to prove to you that Hooper’s eating problem is a function of Hooper, not a function of his parents. So glad that you’ve chilled out about his questionable eating habits. Now that mine are 8 and 11 (when did they get this old??), we’ve been dealing with loud body noises around the table. (lovely). Once gets you a warning, twice gets you a seat in the other room to eat by yourself and a third gets your plate taken away and the meal is over. sigh…

  • Hahaha! We finally moved into a new place big enough for a dining room table this week. We’ve never eaten at a table as a family at home before. I’m excited to see what this will be like. My Mini will eat anything – so long as you feed it to her. She will not feed herself, touch food, or even throw it on the floor. It’ll sit there and she’ll stare you down until you figure out what to do with it.
    We have 36 photos of her first birthday smash cake session – the cake is intact the entire time….


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