A day with my best friend, part II

It surprises me every year when we find ourselves at the beach in the “dead” of winter. This day was particularly beautiful; a warm 70 degrees and no wind. Sometimes the elements just come together when your soul sister is in town. After the beach, we grabbed a bite to eat at my of our favorite local joints. It was a day for the memory bank for sure; all of them, with her, are.
You can click here to see a little video Janet put together of our time at the beach. It definitely brought me through some dark days of recovery.

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8 Responses

    • Thanks. It makes my day anytime anyone compliments my photos. It’s where my heart is, so I love to know that others enjoy it too. I’ve taken my fair share of horrible photos along the way… it’s definitely something I’ve had to practice and develop… but, the passion has always been there and is always my driving force.

  • Van and Carla together is just the sweetest. Hooper didn’t freak out being buried in sand? Haha. I just watched the video. So cute. These kids are so lucky to have all these memories recorded.

    • I know, I didn’t think he’d be into being buried either, but… alas… the kid who hates dirty hands loves being buried in sand.

  • this post literally brought a tear to my eye. it’s great to see pictures and updates of you guys, and especially when you get to be with janet and carla. carla and van are too cute together. hope you’re feeling well! must have been wonderful to spend time with your best friend.


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