I happened to have my camera in the undercarriage (ha, undercarriage… am I the only one that thinks that’s a funny word? It might be up there with “moist” on my list of would-rather-not-use-words) of the stroller back in September when we were out shopping. As a side note, don’t let the easy flow of that sentence fool you; I go shopping as often as Ray Charles sees the sun. In any event, I snapped these two pictures of Hoop. Maybe I should mention also that I shot these before my surgery because these days I only dream about getting down on the floor like that. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to be able to bend and twist and lift. I wish I wouldn’t have cut of his feet in the first photo, but you can still barely see his toes on his right foot. No shoes, no big deal. He spit all over that mirror. He’s real into spitting lately. Then he insisted on going in the fitting room with Willy, when I snapped the second photo. Oh ya, and he refers to all mannequins as “monsters”.
What does shopping with your kid look like?

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4 Responses

  • Shopping with my kids usually involves me picking up lots of clothes off the floor and apologizing to sales people. Not nearly as fun as these captures. =) I just got caught up on your blog after looking at all the weekly portraits from Jodi’s blog this week. I want to encourage you in your recovery. I had a total hip replacement 6 months ago, which I know is not nearly as invasive as your surgery, but I can relate to the lack of “normalcy.” Having big orthopedic surgeries with small children to take care of is not easy. I remember my surgeon telling me that young people often go through a mild depression after having surgeries that sideline them. When you suddenly can’t dress yourself, walk about, drive your car, hold your children… it IS depressing. It was for me at least. But as you regain your abilities, step by step, you suddenly realize you’re getting your life back. A better one, though, without all the pain you had before your surgery. I’m wishing you a speedy recovery, friend!

  • moist is right up there with words that make me giggle. I giggled at undercarriage before I even read your side note… hehehe. Panties is another one for me…. I could go on all day…

    Leave me, I’ll be fine.


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