Instameet, Ventura

I told y’all I had a lot of catching up to do… Kelly and I met up back in September under the Ventura County Pier and had fun shooting one another until the sun went down and it was cold enough to make our teeth chatter all the way back to our cars.
How cute is her daughter Franny? And her son Isaac was just as sweet as they come. Truth be told, Hooper was more into Isaac than Franny, but one day he’ll thank me for encouraging him to hold hands with that little blondie.
I always enjoy meeting other photographers. Instagram has such a way of linking up like-minded individuals. I turn to the instagram community often for inspiration and it never lets me down. You can follow Kelly @kksweda and you can also check out her facebook page by clicking here. You can find me, @thestorkandthebeanstalk. Here’s some shots Kelly shot of us. Which ones are your favorite? I’m obsessed with the one of Van holding the stick. My little nomad. 

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