When I’m in the moment, sometimes I want nothing more than to be out of the moment. I hate saying that because I know how important it is to be present. But sometimes the kids are just all sorts of crazy and I can’t think about anything other than the mess I’m surrounded in, the dishes, the laundry, the shower I want to take, etc… and the moment slips away.
I photograph my children a lot because it’s something I enjoy doing. I love documenting all the mundane moments… even when my mind is elsewhere. And it’s a funny thing because I’ll upload the pictures after I put them to bed

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and all I can think of is how precious they are and how lovely that moment really was even though, at the time, it felt so chaotic and relatively unfulfilling.

Motherhood is such an oxymoron like that, isn’t it? What’s a snapshot of your life look like today?

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3 Responses

  • Life would be much grander if we could all have perspective in every moment of every day. I don’t think that’s humanely possible, but just striving for that goal is a liberating thing.

  • A snapshot of my life today was trying on a pair of jeans so that I finally have something to wear out of the house that’s not maternity wear, crowded into a dressing room wall ALL three of my children: the baby cooing, the toddler trying to climb the walls, the 9 year old posing in the mirror. I couldn’t even waste my time feeling depressed about my body because I couldn’t stop laughing at us all squeezed in there, so loud. It was crazy beautiful. Hope you are feeling better and better everyday!!


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